60 mm Brushless DC Motor 48V 100W 3000rpm

60 mm Brushless DC Motor 48V 100W 3000rpm
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The motor gearbox is blue, silver gray, we randomly shipped, especially reminders!

The main parameters of the series
This section of the same size as a variety of speed, the same price: when the election inside the selection Thank you

Reduction ratio 1: 100 No-load speed: 16r / min Load speed: 13r / min Torque: 300KG.CM With RV040 gearbox
Reduction ratio 1:80 No-load speed: 20r / min Load speed: 15r / min Torque: 280KG.CMWith RV040 gearbox 
Reduction ratio 1:60 No-load speed: 27r / min Load speed: 21r / min Torque: 250KG.CMWith RV040 gearbox 
Reduction ratio 1:50 No-load speed: 33r / min Load speed: 25r / min Torque: 220KG.CM With RV030 gearbox
Reduction ratio 1:40 No-load speed: 41r / min Load speed: 31r / min Torque: 190KG.CM with RV030 gearbox
Reduction ratio 1:30 No-load speed: 55r / min Load speed: 42r / min Torque: 150KG.CM With RV030 gearbox
Reduction ratio 1:20 No-load speed: 82r / min Load speed: 62r / min Torque: 110KG.CM With RV030 gearbox
Reduction ratio 1:15 No-load speed: 110r / min Load speed: 83r / min Torque: 82KG.CM With RV030 gearbox
Reduction ratio 1:10 No-load speed: 165r / min Load speed: 125r / min Torque: 56KG.CM With RV030 gearbox
Reduction ratio 1: 7.5 No-load speed: 220r / min Load speed: 161r / min Torque: 42KG.CM with RV030 gearbox
Reduction ratio 1: 5 No-load speed: 330r / min Load speed: 250r / min Torque: 28KG.CM With RV030 gearbox

Voltage: DC24V Rated current: 8AThe following are the same as the "Weight: 4Kg
2. Dimensions (in mm)

33-330 turn every minute,With RV030 gearboxDimensions are as follows


16-27 turn every minute,With RV040 gearboxDimensions are as follows


Product Description

1. Turbine worm gear motor with self-locking, that is, in the absence of electricity in the case of the motor,The output shaft is self-locking.

2. The direction of the output shaft of the gearbox is perpendicular to the motor shaft. The output shaft of the whole motor body is relatively short in the direction of the ordinary speed reduction motor, and it is widely used to meet the requirements of the installation dimension.

3. The gear motor consists of two parts, namely the motor and mechanical gearbox parts. The motor is a DC brush motor that can change the motor\'s positive and negative motor direction.
4WithSet using sprocket, switch, transformer, governor, mounting bracket, output shaft, bearing separately, point below


Boat rope effect diagram:


In view of the above characteristics, turbine worm gear motor is widely used in window, open the door, mini winch and other occasions. With the series of turbo gear motor I shop the following table parameters Model to choose from:aeProduct.getSubject()